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a straight up G who basically goes to the fullest extent without any question or doubt from anybody in the whole world. To be a Dayron is a blessing from God. Some are fortunate, while others aren't. To abuse a Dayron is an ethical crime punishable by permanent confinement in purgatory.Dayrons can frequently be seen doing things common to players, G's, OG's, real rappers, politically concious and extremely intelligent people boarding onto savants, but not because that would just be conceited.
"Dayron is such a G!"

"Dang Dayron sure does go, I wish i was like him."

"Did you see Dayron today. Yeah, I couldn't believe my eyes, he looked so hot, I basically had an orgasm in my pants."
by anonymous123_456 October 13, 2014
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A man who is unsure of his sexual orientation, and who enjoys the act of have over sized cocks analy probed into him. One who excessively takes steroids, and likes to get really close to his coworkers when watching youtube. Someone with fucked up teeth.
O look at the tranny who just bought the stores biggest dild! He's such a dayron!! His teeth look like dayron, but at least he finally saved up for an orthadontist.
by 32156+4586 October 17, 2010

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