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one who is VERY poor in arithmetic calculations(e.g. 10+10=25); also poor in other academic subjects.
10+10=25? WTH! your such a dayl!
by delta mike foxtrot July 11, 2011

a person with the least amount of intellectual quantity of intelligence, a large quantity of stupidity and extreme retard-ness, and a rare example of a human in its lowest decomposition state. On rare occasions, they may also be homo sapiens except they aren't sapiens, just homo
teacher: you cant even answer a very simple question? you already high school and you dont know what pronouns are?

boy: sorry mam. FYI im a dayl
by crusaders S2 July 13, 2011
A combination of the & hell
Dah+hayl= Dayl
Dayl wrong with you !
by someoneknowsme August 29, 2010
A guy who defines Family as a group of people instead of a Subject or predicate.
Boy: A Family is group of people.
Teacher: You're such a Dayl.
by PRO69PRO July 12, 2011

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