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A danish way to say hello.
The "daw" or just "dav" means hello, or more precisely "good day" or just "g'day"

The origins of daweh comes with the "eh" as a replacement of somebodys name, which you can't remember.
Today daweh is just used normally as a way to say hello to someone.
Daw ... ehhhh ... uhhh ...Peter!, Good day Peter!

Typical phrases:
daweh, ve' du køv en kreidler.

Which could be translated to:
G'day, wanna buy a Kreidler.
by wip3d June 06, 2007

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Danish synonym for hello! Made from "dav" and "eh". Sometimes also metioned as "aeh".

Also spelled dawehh.
"Daweh, hvor kan jeg købe kaburatorsprit?"
by emilfromdk May 08, 2007