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1) The word used, in particular by grandmas and those from the south, to call a large sofa, typically brown and furry. The sofas are "L" shaped and decorated with doilies and cheeto dust. Itchy blankets don the arm rest and occasionally orniry cats emerge from in between the cusions. When used in this sense, it is commonly pronounced "Damport"
2) A town in Iowa
3) More simply put, a couch
Grandma: Go wake up your uncle, hes sleeping on the damport
Grandchild: But gramma, last time I came near the davenport Mittens bit me.
Grandma: Hurry up or we'll be late for the town pork roast.
by maggio January 16, 2006
A City in Iowa in the Quad Cities.
Known to be named after a couch.
It's pretty damn cool.
How come the Mark is out side of Davenport?
by 11 Is Louder Then TEn June 25, 2007
The act of defecating into a laundry basket after gaining entry to someone else's place of residence.
That bitch wouldn't give back my CD's after we broke up so I broke into her house after she left for work and did a Davenport.
by Creeper1313 January 23, 2008
A quiet suburb of stockport with a handful of county fans and a large contingent of sale sharks supporters
neale:its busy in davenport today
paul:yeh the sharks are at home!
by neale June 25, 2006
The act of breaking into a house and defecating in the laundry basket.
Guy 1: Dude somebody shat in my laundry!

Guy 2: Bro you've been davenported!
by Fecavore May 08, 2011
A Family line held together by fragile connections of the older generations bound to eventually fall apart.
Did you hear the old lady next door kicked the bucket?

Yea that Davenport family are already at each other throats.

Man I'm sure glad I have strong family ties nothing like a Davenport family.
by Half Dead121 February 05, 2010
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