A phrase said by Naruto form the hit anime.
Mistakenly translated as believe it, to a speaker of Japanese, this word is gibberish, but it's made up of suffixes and prefixes that basically define Naruto as a hillbilly.

Da translates to a very informal "to be"
-tte is an rural and uncommon version of -to, meaning "like that" or "in that case"
-ba is an older conditional ending, like "if, then it could"
-yo is an informal word meaning "I tell you" and comes off as arrogant.

Basically it translates (nonsensically) to "If in that case, it could be, I tell you!"
When Naruto says this, any Japanese person sees him as a know-it-all fool.
Naruto says "Dattebayo" or "(verb root)-ttebayo" meaning (nonsensically) "If in that case, it could be, I tell you!" (dattebayo) or "If in that case, I could (verb action), I tell you!" ({verb root}-ttebayo)

parts of dattebayo

たべる -> たべれば
(taberu -> tabere-ba) conditional -ba
あいつと -> あいつって
(aitsu-to -> aitsu-tte) -to -- "that guy" from Tokyo dialect to rural dialect
(Ja -> ya -> da) "da" rural version of ja (informal for desu - to be)
(nai-yo) the yo is used for emphasis on information, like "I tell you!" or "Don't you know?"
by Vulcus October 23, 2008
Dattebayo does not have a definite meaning. People that say Dattebayo beans Believe it is incorrect. The american dub says believe it because they need to fill in the flaps of the mouth that says -ttebayo. Dattebayo just emphasizes what naruto just said.
Shigata ga nai, dattebayo
There's no choice, seriously.
by keneke2423 January 20, 2008
Dattebayo, comes from the combination of DATTEBA and YO which is usually used separately from each other to stress or strengthen what is said immediately before its addition. It is used when someone is passionate about what he/she says. It can carry the feeling of exacerbation, annoyance, conviction, excitement or shock depending on what it is used with.

It is a favorite phrase of Naruto which expresses his personality as being over passionate about everything he says. He tends over use it when he speaks as it is most likely a habit that he can't break.
Nani dattebayo! ~ nani yo! -> "What the heck is it!?" "What the heck do you want!?"

Tsuyoku naru n dattebayo -> "I will definitely get stronger!"

kou suru n dattebayo ~ kou suru n datteba -> "You do it this way, don't you get it!?"
by Morikawa September 02, 2009
on a side note despite the english dub version.

dattebayo does not mean belive it.

dattebayo has no realy meaning other than its a kinda of phrase that children add to the end of their sentances.

the english dub generealy translates dattebayo as belive it:

1. because otherwise narutos mouth would be moving and there would be no sound
(they do not reanimate for engdubs just put in different words)
2. its what the creaters of the engdub version of naruto best reflected the childish connotations of dattebayo

if you watch the japanese and engdubs at the same time there are alot of times in the japenese where naruto says dattebayo or -tebayo and there is no reference to it in the eng dub
nan dattebayo! - what the
by NooBKaNoN October 04, 2008
Dattebayo is a word that Naruto Uzumaki adds to the end of his sentences. He uses it to make his way of speaking unique. It adds emphasis to whatever he says

Dattebayo actually has an unclear translation to things like:
"This is what I'm saying"
"Y'know what I'm saying"
"I mean it!"
"I'm saying this!"

Dattebayo, however does not mean believe it. Believe it was something that Viz media came up with to match the dubbing.
"I'm going to become Hokage, that is what I'm saying!"
"I will bring sasuke back, I mean it"
"I won't give up, Y'know what I'm saying"

"Shiiko...Shiiko, dattebayo"--He said this after he kissed Sasuke and Sakura was ready to kill him.
It means: "It was an accident, really!"
by Riku's lover August 29, 2009
The catch-phrase of Naruto. The main character of the anime/manga seires 'Naruto'.

In the English version Dattebayo was translated to "Beleive it!" Much to the dismay of hardcore Naruto fans.
Naruto: I will find Sasuke-dattebayo!
by Lady Indago February 15, 2008
it's just Naruto's expression, his personality, attitude, and language dattebayo!
A character from japanese anime- "Naruto" a ninja with a blonde hair and orange outfit with a family name Uzumaki.

food: looks good with ramen.
Who: ?
What: Who?
Where: What?
When: Where?
How: I don't know who tell you maybe Naruto.

You're barking the wrong tree dattebayo!
by Meduzazkizz November 03, 2013

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