naruto uses very often the word dattebayo in his speech. the most of the time wants to emfasizing that he just said. its like "what I'm saying is" or "is what am I saying". naruto lived alone, outside of the society of konoha for so many time.but he wanted so much to be a part of society. he was searching someone to recognize him. he wants so much someone to listen what he's says and what he thinks. its in his nature to flaunt what his says and its like to stand up and speak and saying "dattebayo:is what am i saying" to show "this is my strong opinion and i have to say it", " and everybody listen to me, including myself" fearing that there is nobody not hearing him or not understanding him.. dattebayo is the courage of the opinion of naruto that stucks in his mind and at the end of his sentence..
i want to be a hokage is what am i saying
i want to be a hokage dattebayo
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by dimitris zara September 02, 2008
A group of people who fansub anime.

Known for two things:

1. Loving Naruto (which is the new Dragonball Z for idiots who love shitty action shows).

2. Being gigantic, unfunny pricks.

You think that powerfully built He-men who devote huge time to telling Americans what cartoon characters are saying, would have the social graces of a Victorian era countess and the speed and grace of a winged jungle cat but, it turns out these guys are a healthy mix of scrawny pigeon chested dweebs and, Crisco coated lumps of fat and beard.

They also like to "troll" by wasting everyone's' time with gag subs and limp wristed, obvious fake news. Apparently when you translate crappy cartoons from your mother's basement, it affords you a bit of free time to display your lack of any real humor.

They are also ballsy enough to write YHBT at the bottom, so as to identify their laddish crap before you even fall for it.

They enjoy posting the constantly -banned for sake of enjoyment- I.P.s on their website because that makes them edgy and hardcore. They're also hoping people who made them cry will be "teh haxxored".

Even though the hacking skills of the 13-17 year old narutard fanbase they've managed to sop up are all 150lvl Blackhats, with +5 to all hacking skill checks and saving throws,

The results have been disappointing to say the least.
Dattebayo! is Japanese for "Vagina Get No!"
#anime #fansub #naruto #trolls #weeaboo
by FlowersInMidgar2 July 21, 2009
Dattebayo does have a meaning. It means in Japanese "You know". In English It was changed to "Believe It" to match Naruto's lip movements. You guys don't know your stuff 8p.
I will be Hokage Dattebayo!
#dattebayo #naruto #believe #anime #rarely used words
by Sasori-Genius May 13, 2008
The word dattebayo is used by the manga and anime character Uzumaki Naruto. It is a word created and used by Naruto and the end of sentences. Though the meaning is different, it is much like Canadians saying "eh" or Jay of the Jay and Silent Bob duo saying "Snoochie Boochie" or "Snoogans".
That's my way of the ninja, dattebayo!
#dattebayo #eh #snoogans #snoochie boochie #datebayo
by amazingJ August 18, 2006
dattebayo means nothing, it is only sounds that infants make when then cant form words, like when a baby says goo-goo ga-ga. They are parts of speech but don't mean anything.
I want something. The baby japaneses would be somthing like asi .dattebayo for the record i don't speak Japaneses.
#dattebayo #naruto #speach #sounds #speeking
by Standered Naruto Geek August 25, 2007
A Sort Of Exclamation Naruto Uses In The Japanese Dub Of Naruto: Ultimate Ninja
An Example Is "Belive It!" In The English Dub.
Japanese Dub: dattebayo!
English Dub: Belive It!
#dattebayo #dattabeyo #detebayo #databeyo #detebeyo
by DJ BioDiesel January 26, 2007
Despite what Jaivaz states, Dattebayo actually translates to "don't ya know?" And is commonly tagged onto sentence or more commonly a statement to add meaning, or just to sound cute.
Jaivaz wrote a bad definition, dattebayo
by superking April 20, 2005
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