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particular time spend with someone with intent on a casual term and not break bond of friendship"
When you hang out with someone even if their is no "action" intented, but still wating to have fun, (IE with oposite sex)

"Would you like to go on a casuly date (name)?"
by Hirok Parkinson October 20, 2006
64 109
You can tell the age of a camel by checking out its date
by god February 12, 2003
34 82
the thing that comes before sex
I fucking hate to date.
by cellophane February 06, 2005
75 125
Date-rape without the actual rape part. This includes getting girls drunk and putting pills in their drinks without them knowing and without taking advantage of them afterwards. If they are taken advantage of it is date rape, if not, it is simply a date.
George: I've dated over 700 women, and one guy.

Yusef: Did you get to third base?

George: No. They just passed out.
by international lesbian actor November 07, 2006
33 93
A grape left to dry up
i dont want to give an example of a date! make me bitch!
by tara05 December 10, 2005
27 96
(verb) 1) to kick someone in the bum, or 2) to shove something up someone's bum. The example demonstrates sense 2.
If you touch my girlfriend, I'm going to date you with a baseball bat.
by Msquared March 20, 2003
12 91
Word for ass
You are a date puncher
by Bobbie July 22, 2003
14 107