A rare gathering between a Tech boy and a UVA girl. This occurance is rare because the UVA girl, due to her nature, often plays hard to get and only accepts to go out about 1/5 of the times that the Tech boy offers, despite the fact the UVA girl is in love with the Tech Boy and dreams about him regularly.
The UVA girl finally decided to go on a date with a Tech Boy. They went out to lunch and ate bagels.
by uhhuhyea April 16, 2009
An alternative form of fuck you.
Friend: You suck at that game.
You: Date!
Or: Date yourself!
by Dudsey August 02, 2010
particular time spend with someone with intent on a casual term and not break bond of friendship"
When you hang out with someone even if their is no "action" intented, but still wating to have fun, (IE with oposite sex)

"Would you like to go on a casuly date (name)?"
by Hirok Parkinson October 20, 2006
Date-rape without the actual rape part. This includes getting girls drunk and putting pills in their drinks without them knowing and without taking advantage of them afterwards. If they are taken advantage of it is date rape, if not, it is simply a date.
George: I've dated over 700 women, and one guy.

Yusef: Did you get to third base?

George: No. They just passed out.
by international lesbian actor November 07, 2006
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