(noun, verb)Being charged a ridiculous amount for the purchase of some product or service (or having to pay some hidden fee), especially if the seller has coaxed you with misleading or charming advertising; and usually only telling you the price after you have already made some commitment (e.g tacit or implied) to the purchase. Like a restaurant that doesn't have prices on the menu
1)"Bro, look at the price of prawn crackers in this place"

"Date rape-o-rama! Let's bail and get a Burger"

2) "Apple sell rehashed but very shiny and enticing versions of their products every 6 months cus they know the fanboys will lay back and take the date rape"
by boudoirphilosopher January 18, 2009
when a girl says " NO! STOP! and DONT"

dude 1: man i dont get she kept saying no stop and dont why

dude 2: your gay thats date rape
by Kum-Daun January 10, 2009
Occurs from over consumption of too much hard alcohol (monarch, 151, capt. Morgan etc…) Begin to black out and next thing you know your friend’s decent but desperate older sister is on your lap messing with your gear. Next thing you know your on bathroom floor, car, or couch having very loud sex.

Wonder of how the fuck this came to be sets in after word but realization that you nailed your friend’s sister and is very hilarious event. Friends’ telling of this event spreads like wildfire and you get a good 15 minutes of fame for your drunken no pants dance.

Because of your intoxication this event should be considered date rape.
"Dude, I nailed your sister. She is a freak in bed man." haha

She committed a date rape when she got me when I was drunk
by SpunCrazyB January 17, 2006
Drug addicted terrorising extremists ravaging assaulting pillaging entering
At least one young woman a weekend in Britain, going out for a quiet drink
at the weekend with her friends, suffers date rape
by St. Ias September 16, 2005
Total pwnage or rape where the predator is known and avoided.
David: I just date raped you!

Garrett: No... I was tabbed out!...

Steven: Yea... we are too "PRO" for you...
by theTVsaidso November 09, 2006
A sub-category of rape. Yes, it is one of the MANY dirty things that HAPPENS in this unquestionably dirty world, however:

Date rape has been hyped beyond all reason or proportion by feminists looking for a pretext to augment their campaign against *men* in every possible way.

'Date Rape' is also the title of an unquestionably entertaining, well-crafted and demagogic FICTIONAL NARRATIVE which has been set to music by a certain band. The fact that the song is *only fiction* cannot be repeated often enough. It doesn't matter if the song describes an archetypal scenario that "could" happen; it is STILL *only fiction*. It serves to arouse primitive and rather ugly one-sided emotions (e.g. schadenfreude) on the part of the listener, and at the same time to short-circuit rational discourse upon this unquestionably complex hot-button social issue...
The song 'Date Rape' functions as feminist agitprop, whether the band members intended it that way or not...
by fidelbogen February 09, 2005
Sleeping with a girl who is intoxicated(Because it's easier that way) Many get them drunk with "wine coolers" but any alcoholic beverage works too.
How to get in a girls pants: Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker
by Randy Goldman April 10, 2005

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