An amazing emo band with amazing lyrics. Before you people go an bash their songs, because you've "earned" something about the so called emo stereotype, freakin' listen to the damn songs, mmkay? The lyrics are amazingly written, and you have no damn right what so ever to bash them.
I am, Vindicated, I Am selfish, I am Wrong, I Am Right I Swear I'm right I Swear I Knew It All Along...<333
by Savanna<3 May 24, 2005
When the driver of a car receives oral sex whilst still in the seat.
As we sat in the parking lot making out, Jane decided to give me a Dashboard Confessional.
by Matt McBeth August 10, 2004
wow i'm really tired of ignorant people being total assholes about this band. do people insult you for the metal music you listen to all of the time? i certainly hope not. because insulting us about the music we find refuge in isnt any different.

to all of the people who think chris carrabba is a girl for his lyrics and he has "ovaries" or whatever you say, do you have ANY idea how small-minded you sound? its just like saying: women cant play sports or skateboard simply because playing sports is a guy thing to do. if a guy who plays guitar and talks about his feeling is such an OPPRESSIVE thing to do, well minaswell get rid of equality for minorities then. deny us of our rights and simply commence the debacle of the free world.

chris carrabba is exercising his right to free speech by composing his songs and venting his emotions. there is no law that says YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL OR DIE. if you dont like the band, dont trash them, just simply dont listen to their stuff.
At the Civic Tour:
"All of you guys screaming faggot and waving your fucking middle finger out in the crowd, come up on stage. I'm giving you the mic. It's an open forum.

-silence for a couple of minutes-

Come on up! I'm talking about what i feel, so why dont you talk about what you feel? Sure i like Thrice and The Get Ups Kids too. they're great bands. But that doesnt mean that i dont have something valid to say.

-still silence-

Well if i'm such a pussy for singing about what i feel... well then this pussy is going to sing some more songs."
by Cheryl Lynn July 12, 2004
Dashboard Confessional is emo however on the softer side of emo it is an amazing band if you like it. All the people here trashign dashboard are either not into this type of music or are so retarded that they can't comprehend the lyrics...dashboard's lyrics are beautiful and graceeful and for the record all u "haters" who say chris carabba cant sing for shit i have heard him sing and he is magnificent better than most bands.
here is some of there gorg. lyrics..

"This is incredible. Starving, insatiable, yes, this is love for the first time.
Well you'd like to think that you were invincible. Yeah, well weren't we all once before we felt loss for the first time? Well this is the last time. Well this is the last time well this is the last time."
by jenfromdablock December 01, 2004
Thee talk you have with a person you're dating while in the car. Instead of looking them deep into their eyes to spill all, you speak at the windshield-dashboard area and exit the stopped vehicle.

"Sherrie drove me home after the movie on date #3. I gave her the dashboard confessional and bounced."
by 'los with the most April 13, 2006
A truly amazing band in my opinion. They're basically acoustic emo.

For you people that bash Dashboard Confessional, you do have the right. Because if we took away your right to express your opinion, we'd have to take away ours to make it fair.
Although I think it is better to just not listen to the music if you don't like it than to bash it, you have the right to say whatever you want.

Yes, Dashboard Confessional has very sad, depressing lyrics,
But that's because he wrote them while his heart was broken.
People listen to sad music because alot of times it reminds them of good times that they've lost.
So yep, that pretty much explains it. I like Dashboard Confessional.
by Rik Jones June 29, 2006
Here is an attempt at a slightly more objective full featured analysis of this band and emo in general.

I've spent most of my time amongst marching band geeks who for the most part hate the entire philosophy of emo. Some may enjoy the raw music, but the thought process behind it makes them writhe in agony.

Dashboard Confessional was somewhat enjoyable because they are accoustic, and the first couple of songs were a concert with fans singing along and I started feeling it as it built up, but then I listened to more, and it felt the same every time. A lack of variety perhaps wouldn't be as bad, except when you listen to songs over and over again you begin to practically memorize the musical patterns and then begin to move on to the lyrics. The lyrics were always depressing, which made me want to turn it off. Why would I listen to music to be sad? I understand some people are having difficult lives and feel consolidation in the music, but I am starting to believe that it is dragging them further into their depression rather than pulling them out of it.

At least they are doing accoustic. I personally prefer the accoustic workings of Slightly Stoopid or Jack Johnson, but it's a refreshing break from the screaming nonsense that we typically get.

I disagree with people who say that the singers of emo bands have high voices. I like to listen to Elton John every once in a while, and he can own any of them at high pitched singing. Sure, he's gay and common stereotypes in society would pin that as the reason for his singing ability, but we don't really know when he decided to be gay, and the Styx and Queen singers can sing higher than these emo guys as well, and he got all the female booty he could ever want.

The one other problem I have with emo music is that people glorify it because they feel connects to the rather morose lyrics, and claim it's emotional and appeals to their feelings. Music is all about feelings of course, no problem with that, but that's where the problem lies--they act it as if it were originally their own idea. I've had people telling me that 80's metal bands appealed to their feelings, as well as pop stars like Britney Spears (heaven forbid). Styx, Queen, Van Halen, and Richard Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto all appeal to my feelings. Blues and Jazz are all about feelings, improvised solos often communicate how the musician's day is going. To look back at the original concept of "feeling in music" one must look back in the 1800's at revolutionaries like Beethoven who moved the world from the Classical to the Romantic period.
Person1: I enjoy emo music because it really appeals to my feelings and the typical struggles I have as a teen.

Person2: I also find feeling in music to be an important measure of quality, you might want to listen to some Chopin.
by tehmusician June 11, 2005
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