ass, the best part of a woman
Damn, that chicks got a huge dasani.
by Dale P. Johnson August 22, 2007
Top Definition
A french prostitute that frequents the corners in the red light district. See also: Evian.
That Dasani was the worst $1.50 I've ever spent!
by Ecko February 08, 2005
Dasani is Coca-Cola's bottled water brand that apparently sells well in some markets. By using a new filteration technique similar to that used in cell function or dialysis the water is cleaned and minerals added.

Unfortunately on the UK market the product showed traces of bromate, a carcinogen, and was quickly withdrawn whilst it's original debate, it's oustanding price was still ongoing.

More expensive than many of it's competitors', and since this is just filtered tap water, not a good marketing ploy in a country with potable tap water.

Since other Coca-Cola ingredients such as caffeine, caramel, phosphoric acid and aspartame are seperately linked to issues including brain cancer, memory loss and decalcification of teeth and the fact they already produce Buxton water in a similary industrial enviroment, I'd say their long-term reputation for expensive sugar water and the like will not be harmed.
...and Dasani was quickly withdrawn before the debate and even marketing had really begun.
by dj_monged August 14, 2004
its clearly a city in nabraska. discovered by the british gnomes of south dakota.
jill:what does dasani mean? chris:its a city you fool!
by dr.popple-opelous November 14, 2007
Dasani is the best puerified water EVA its enhanced with minerals for a pure fresh taste
Dasani is filtered for purity, using state of the art treatment by reverse osmosis and enhanced with minerals for a pure fresh taste. Dasani-pure, essential
Betta than that aberfoyle cripnit and just a tiny bit betta than aquafina
by Flucker November 26, 2003
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