Some guy in Star Wars who breathes really heavily.

Aww, shut up. You're not even doing the Darth Vader impression right!
by Pinkaholic April 27, 2011
This is the art of pulling ones foreskin back in a dark room, and then turning on a torch to reveal a darth vader shaped silhouette on the wall.
'Oh crap, I've just seen Darth Vader's shadow in my room'
by Clinterous February 16, 2007
one who smokes too much, then walks around with an oxygen tank and tubes in and out of their nose and mouth. Then they begin to sound and look like the star wars character.
WHEEZE!! CUhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
by bojzzle June 29, 2004
when a man inserts his cranium into a females joker lips and breathes out the vag and it sounds like darth vader
person 1: why the fuck is your head coverd in blood and smells like fish
person2: well me and my bitch were doin the darth vader last night thats why
person 1 : whats that?
person 2 : dude u dont wanna no thats why im whereing this eye patch.
by ur moms v February 21, 2012
Its when you cum in a girls mouth and your jiz makes the roof of her mouth and the lower part stick together so when she tries to breath through her mouth it sounds like darth vader breathing
why is she breathing so hard?

I gave her a Darth Vader.
by Mr horrible Gross guy May 10, 2010
Completely toasting a marsh-mellow until it is entirely covered in char.
I like my marsh-mellows darth vaderd
by Alex Grobsmith June 13, 2008
coolest freakin SITH LORD next darth maul. no one can compare to this dark lord of the force. And what the heck is up with an old fogey as an apprentice? what the heck is this crap!!!??? Get Count Dooku the heck outta here!!!
by jade June 21, 2003

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