The best drink in the whole world. Its a long island iced tea, except instead of topping it off with coke, use jager instead. Oh its mighty delicous. Often garnished with some Star Wars action figures.
My friend Jimmy was drinking a LIT like a pussy, so i added Jager to his drink to make a darth vader so hes not a fag
by Kevinn January 24, 2007
When a guy getting a blow job puts on a Darth Vader mask and ruins the moment for the chick giving him head just before he blows his load. Also, he breathes into the mask telling her he's about to blow his load while sounding like James Earl Jones with the heavy breathing bit.
"I was giving Matt a special yeaterday and he decided to pull a Darth Vader on me."
v: to impose sexual activity upon a female while wearing a darth vader mask and/or costume while she is greatly intoxicated.
n: Darth Vador: the act of misleading an intoxicated female into partaking in sexual activity with a man disguised in a darth vader mask and/or costume
darth vador (adj): the essence of using a darth vader costume and/or mask to mislede an intoxicated female into partaking in sexual activity
Yo, I darth vadered that chick soooo bad last night. She has no clue who it was!

I'm gonna pull a darth vader... she'll never see it comming
by Darth Vader MASTER May 03, 2006
Contrary to popular belief Darth Vader is really a fairly pitiful villain. When he was young he went by his true name, Annikan Skywalker, and was basically just a pain-in-the-ass crybaby who never really did much besides win a pod race and beat a weak apprentice (Darth Tyranus). He was later defeated by Obi Wan and became a pitiful excuse for a human being. After being rebuilt into a badass looking cyborg who pwned some underlings with the choke(the one truly great thing he did) he was beaten by his son. Basically, he seems like an amazing villain, but if you look close he is nothing much, he just has a great image.
cool things:outfit, breathing, force choke, sounds awesome, wipes out some sand people in rage, force choke(it simply has to be said again, it is truly amazing)

crappy things:beaten by Luke(who was whiney and un-cool), beaten terribly and utterly by Tyranus in Episode II, was second in command to a non-force user on the ship he was on in Episode IV, whines ALL the time and cries as teen Annikan, loses to Obi Wan(and loses most of his limbs), never even becomes a master
by therob June 09, 2005
An alternative name for your helmet
"What the fuck r u doing to my darth vader you dappy cow?"
by stephen cooper May 05, 2004
a scary black man who once swallowed a hovver when he was young and also likes to eat avacados
oh look darth vader seems to be humping avacados over there and throwing them at people
by pouip January 16, 2003
when some chick is giving you a job and and squeezes the base of ur john, making your head turn black as a result, and looking like darth vader from star wars
Your mom gave the the darth vader last night.
by Dickenstein May 02, 2005

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