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One who bans someone of equal authority.
I.E. One mod banning another mod without seeking help of an administrator.
Usually results in banned mod being reinstated without them knowing it happened, and the mod who bans the mod, is fired.
zaq101- did you just ban a fucking mod?!?!
DarkShadow2247- haha ya
zaq101- wow way to pull a DS.
by zaq101 September 06, 2005
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when someone of an administrative position does something to punish another administrative member of the same level or higher without seeking higher authority. this usually results in a demotion or being fired. also known as a DS
Bill: John broke a rule, so I placed a temporary ban on him without seeking the admin's premission.
Will: Haha, what happened?
Bill I got fired...
by darkshadow2247 August 05, 2005
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