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Can also be said as ubernoob. It is a noob who thinks they are the best, and acts like a know it all when they know nothing. Often talks in 1337 (computer geek lingo) and calls people with scores way better than theirs, a noob.

Also a mixture between uber and noob
(scores, dave-150, ubern00b-1]

ubern00b- 0h 1 ju57 pwn3d j00, j00 n00b, joo 4r3 73h suxor(translate= I just killed you for the first timeeven though you killed me 150 times, so therefor you suck an are a n00b)

Dave-stfu you ubern00b
by zaq101 February 03, 2005
The weird wobbling walk one makes when they have to drop a deuce really bad to avoid shitting themselves.
Jim - Why the fuck is Steve you walking like a fairy?
Bob - I'm not sure, I think he's doing the Turd Walk
by zaq101 September 09, 2006
One who bans someone of equal authority.
I.E. One mod banning another mod without seeking help of an administrator.
Usually results in banned mod being reinstated without them knowing it happened, and the mod who bans the mod, is fired.
zaq101- did you just ban a fucking mod?!?!
DarkShadow2247- haha ya
zaq101- wow way to pull a DS.
by zaq101 September 06, 2005
Abbreviation/Quick Text for total. Popularized by teh_pwnerer (Jeremy) from Pure Pwnage, a popular internet comedy series.
zaq101 - Look at that to'l ubern00b.
by zaq101 December 29, 2005
1. Universal site containg definitions and slang sent in by people or the average-joe.

2. Teh shite
dude1-wheres a place i can find new slang or terminology that no one else knows, to further myself in the popularity poll?

dude2- urbandictionary
by zaq101 February 02, 2005
Used to mock three letter acronyms. Can be interpreted as 1. oh my god what the fuck barbeque or 2. oh my god what the fuck be back quick.
Cs n3rd- j00 ju57 g07 PWN3D Wh47 d0 j00 54y 70 7h47!!!!11oneone!!!!n00b.

normal ultra cool person- OMGWTFBBQ
by zaq101 February 02, 2005
the typed version of saying omfg allowed

pronounced - oh my fug
oh my fug'guy
zaq101 : OMFUG! liek tol luck shot you tol nub liek dont do it again or ill tolly own yo OMFUG.
by zaq101 December 29, 2005

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