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The most annoying but coolest pokemon in the entire world, uses the dark void/nightmare/dream eater tactic to pwn it's enemies while they can't fight back
My team got pwnd by a darkrai on wifi before i could launch a single attack
by DoomBowser October 14, 2008
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The Pitch-Black Pokemon. True to its name, it puts people and Pokemon into endless nightmares and is the color of night (I mean, look at the sky sometime when the streetlights are all on in the distance...a dark, brown-grey-black color.)
It is also f&%$ing annoying sometimes, but that's ok.
Darkrai is so awesome, I can't figure out what to tag its entry with.
by ellipsisdotdotdot February 14, 2011
A widely used internet term for gay.
x: Y is so darkrai
Darkrai: wtf?
x: Get lost, fag
by Efane June 07, 2010

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