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The Pitch-Black Pokemon. True to its name, it puts people and Pokemon into endless nightmares and is the color of night (I mean, look at the sky sometime when the streetlights are all on in the distance...a dark, brown-grey-black color.)
It is also f&%$ing annoying sometimes, but that's ok.
Darkrai is so awesome, I can't figure out what to tag its entry with.
by ellipsisdotdotdot February 14, 2011
A middle school. Like many schools, students attending there normally travel in large packs or small groups. However, there will most likely be a few loners wandering around the school campus.
If you lie low enough, you won't notice the inherent chaos.
Quimby Oak Middle School is nice.
by ellipsisdotdotdot May 08, 2011
A character in a novel called "Criticism of the General Population".
Rebecca is a talented singer looking for fame, and when she comes across an organization called the ARK Music Factory, her dreams seem to be not far away.
After her first song is released, however, thousands of people die from hemorrhaging ears. She finds that the song that she sung, "Friday", is cursed, and will cause listeners to either die a slow, agonizing death or go insane. Rebecca also finds that ARK Music Factory had tricked many other people into the same situation as her.

The world marks her as an evil witch, and condemns her to the pits of hell...
Rebecca Black must have gone through a hard time.
by ellipsisdotdotdot June 02, 2011
The best and worst invention mankind has ever created.
Learning, idiocy, procrastination, salvation, damnation, humor, satire, and so much more all in one little package (or several servers, whichever one you'd like to go with).
It also promotes individuals' eventual detachment from reality.
Sorry I'm not done with my homework, I was on the internet.
by ellipsisdotdotdot April 20, 2011
Helpful sometimes, often not.
Cause of many deaths, prevention of others.
Keeps people sane, makes people crazy.
Respected, abhorred.
Good. Bad.
There is no accurate definition of this word that doesn't leave something out.
Religion drove extremist Muslims and Christians to do horrid things.
Religion helps people through hard times.
I can't seem to figure out what I should think about it, so I'll just stay neutral.
by ellipsisdotdotdot February 19, 2011
There are, actually, several definitions of 'atheist' in modern society.
1. Person who is stupid enough to believe that the world created itself, and cannot explain it. Pitiful...
2. Person who is smart enough to see the faults behind various religions. Feh, dumb Christians...
3. Person who cannot make up their mind about which religion to go with, as a result goes with nothing.
4. Person who honestly couldn't care less about this sort of shit.
1. "Atheists really need to get a life."
2. "Atheists are awesome."
3. "I dunno...do I count as an atheist?"
4. "Can we talk about something else? Like, maybe books?"
by ellipsisdotdotdot February 14, 2011

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