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girl with beautiful lips, has an amazing vocabulary, will almost always make you smile,
has hidden thoughts.
please don't try to go all dariana on me, only she can do that.
by Mr. LovelyPiee December 07, 2008
Very smart and beautiful girl knows how to keep a relashionship going she is crazy and hyper you will always laugh when your around her and she's a good fighter she's a bit of everything has some crushes here and there and she loves every one and she is very helpful in everything and knows how to keep friends forever is friends with guys and girls she is very mistrious but if you only knew (she's a spy) just kidding
Omg Dariana your so funny said Isabela
by Cupcake23 December 28, 2013
Stubborn little girl, needs hugs.
That guy is a male Dariana.
by gangstergreg February 03, 2009