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The most beautiful girl you will ever know, she lights up caves with a smile that will leave you amazed... and a heart of gold... can do no wrong, and one day they will write a song in her honor....
isabelamybaby isabelasogreat
by lars&thebestgurl February 04, 2010
An amazing girl with a fabulous body. Boys look at her up and down when they first look at her and think how fabulous she is. Do not confuse her for the bitches named Isabella with double L. She is fabulous and has long and wavy hair. She is the sexiest sex bomb at all social events and will make boys crazy.

She is extremely intelligent and has the ability to get many friends quickly. When the time comes to support her friend or her relationship she is not afraid to stand up to any bitch in town.
Holy crap look how sexy Isabela is!!!!
by Ticklish the Truck Driver September 26, 2010
Isabela is a butch land turtle who enjoys FUCKING INTERNET ACCESS and sandwiches. They roam their natural habitat making little noise unless asked questions in which they reply with a limited response/grunt. Isabela's are very gullible and would laugh at a brick however they do not like to be confused with greedy bitches named isabella. Isabelas often end up bruised from walking into her arch enemy-the school desk, Sometimes when you get on the wrong side of the freckled land turtle she will look you right in the eye an stamp on ur fucking foot.Sometimes the slobbish turtle won't eat for days because they are too lazy to get up and get food
However if food is offered there is no hesitation for the beast.The inner beast of the butch turtle is released. You should avoid the turtle at these moments as fingers have known to be lost
Keep your distance and fgs do not bang on the glass.
The wild Isabela stalks on her prey.
by crusty grapes November 07, 2014

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