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When you cum on a girls eyelids when she's passed out so that when she wakes up she can't open her eyes.
Dude, I totally daredevilled that chick last night and when she woke up I ran the fuck out of there.
by C.Friend March 30, 2008
To skeet over a chicks eyes rendering her blind like the comic book hero "DareDevil".
"Yo dude, last night I totally daredeviled that hoe!"
by davethelightguy January 08, 2008
when a guy gets gets with a woman and her fat friend wants to join in for a threesome and make sandwiches all night
damn i was a daredevil with them hoes last night!
by dale April 28, 2004
blind fuck!
that asshole unfused with the zam
he is such a fuker
by i am zam February 16, 2003
not so good of a movie....awesome sondtrack.....weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
the evil squirrels are hungry.....we must escape thier paths of destruction. run u pitiful excuse for a cheeselog....RUN!!!!!
by loser December 30, 2003