a daredevil is a very sly creature, has the ability to hide his ulteria motives by acting like a friend to snake around other mens women, very slippery and very slimy, probably not something you would want to touch
rix is a good example
by owned July 13, 2004
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1. A comic made by Marvel, which centers on a blind vigilante.
2.Someone who does a near impossible stunt.
3. A comic based movie, which everyone thinks is a crummy movie just because of casting problems, but they are usually wrong about this.
1. (tagline): Here comes Daredevil, the "Man Without Fear"
2.(guy) Did you see that daredevil jump the canyon?
3.(message bourd poster)OMG! Daredevil sucks! I can't belive they cast Affeck and made Kingpin black!!!
(me) *blasts with a shotgun*
by sean April 02, 2005
Marvel superhero, bringing justice to blah blah blah. Gimmick: he's blind. Power: he's not really. Likes red leather, lurking in shadows and scaring the crap out of criminals.

The only Marvel character to have been consistently entertaining, reaching his peak in the mid eighties. The movie, however, was a triumph of style over content and is memorable only because of Colin Farrell's eyebulging overacting.
"Yeah, so I went to see the Daredevil movie last night..."

(long silence)

by marcata July 17, 2003
The threatrical version of the film sucked, but the director's cut made the film 1,000 times better.
Daredevil: The Director's Cut - See it, it's like a totally different movie.
by SuperSonicX May 01, 2005
A comic-based movie that everyone thought sucked, but it didn't, because it was a good superhero movie. nuff said
Internet Message Board Guy: WTF, this movie suxxor! I hate Ben Affeck and Kingpin ain't supposed to be black!!!!
ME: *blasts with shotgun*
by Sean March 26, 2005
Best fucking Comic book movie ever! With badass lines such as "I hope justice is found here today, before justice finds you." A hero that bends others over and does them raw.
You don't fuck with daredevil unless you want your ass to bleed.
by Nameless April 06, 2003
Movie with a good premise/plot, but ruined by one or many of the following things:

1) HORRIBLE fucking acting.
2) bastardization from hollywood.
3) horrible casting.
4) that fucking drunk, ben affleck.
that movie was just another daredevil.
by riloh February 27, 2003

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