Danny is a type of guy who is very sexy, and hot. He treats a girl with lots of respect, and, makes them feel like a princess. He is a very good kisser, and good in the bedroom, VERY GOOD. He makes a girl feel like she is the best in the world! He has a huge penis. Loves to makeout.
danny is so hot
danny is great in bed, i wish i could be a danny
by Jackie Wells March 12, 2011
Danny's make the most incredible boyfriends. Even if you're not feeling too great and maybe are mean to them, they'll stick with you. You can always count on a Danny. He'll never admit it, but it's clear he's incredible inside and out. Hold on for life.
I'd die without my Danny
I love you so much Danny <3
by jetlagged December 11, 2012
a ridiculous bad ass, who has fucked more bitches than fingers on his hands. Such a pimp and everyone should bow down to him.
"did you see Danny yesterday?"
"yeah he was doing work with some girl?
by danthemanredden December 24, 2011
danny can sometimes be mean but can be a total sweetie. he loves to funny and quirky. he texts girls a lot but that doesn't mean he's a player. he got one of those baby faces that's so cute and he's just the best guy friend you'd probably ever have.
person 1-hey what's that guy doing
person 2- texting like 3 girls

person 1- wow his such a danny
by i luv to laugh December 08, 2011
A cute, funny, smart, athletic guy who doesnt seem to let the ones he loves go. He's always there for you no matter what happens in your life. He never gives up and loves with all his heart. he's the best friend you'll ever have so if you catch one dont you dare let one go. you'd be stupid if you did.
Omg! your dating a danny? i want one!
My best friend? O its danny!
i love danny, even if i dont act like it
by breezyloves September 01, 2012
The type of guy who is a good laugh and easy to be around. They like to eat cereal and gravy and often cause people to cry, resulting in him buying his victim tissues. Overall a good friend who you'd never forget.
that guy is such a danny!
by inotsweetie July 28, 2011
A Canadian name for beer. Named from NHL hockey player Danny Briere (beer in french is pronouned bière).
"After the game do you want to head to the shaker and rock some dannys?"
by DBriere48 August 12, 2009
1. A frickin champion who is afraid of nothing. He's plain awesome, and gets all the ladies. He's handsome, funny, and extremely smart. He's just sooooo cool! :b
I wish I was Danny!
by Spyder_HD November 04, 2013

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