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A short form for the name Daniel; aka Muff
A gentleman who is always respectful and knows how to treat a girl so she feels like a princess.
A guy who always knows how to brighten up your mood and make you laugh.
Although he is not Italian, he is the second best race...Portuguese.
Someone who has great taste in music and mixes songs like the real DJ Danny D
A guy who will take risks for you, like buying guinea pigs even when they are not on sale and haven't had their shots yet.
A guy who cuddles amazingly and looks at you in a way you know everything will be ok.
A guy that has been there for two years and hopefully many more to come.
Most of all, the best boyfriend and bestfriend a girl could ever ask for and so special that she wants everyone to know how much she loves him and will write a definition about him on urban dictionary to prove it.
Example 1
Girl 1: Hey how did you buy that guinea pig? They are not even for sale yet!

Girl 2: Well my Danny bought it for me. He goes through dangerous lengths to please me.

Example 2

Girl 1: Wow, you look as though you have gone to heaven and back...what did you do last night?

Girl 2: I did Danny...it was pure bliss!

by Muffy17 March 01, 2009
190 116
an amazing guy.
a danny can be defined by 5 words;
funny, cute, unique, impressive, & huggable.
danny's are people you can't help but love.
& who could turn down a danny?
"man, did you see that danny?! i'm sooo going home with him tonight!"
by Eli-freaking-ana March 20, 2008
5428 2356
An extremely well endowed man who secretly everyone fancies, they are just afraid he will turn them down as he is so handsome. He is also kind and has a great personality.
I'd love to go out with Danny, I'm just too scared to ask

I want Danny to be the father of my children!
by Micheal regis February 29, 2008
2807 1602
The P|20z0n3.
Simply Perfect
Your mom's house is such a danny

by G0dhims3lf June 23, 2006
2814 1876
The most amazing person/boyfriend a girl could EVER ask for.
You'd be very lucky to ever get a danny, especially a haar. :)
It isn't possible to get a better person.
"I've got a Danny!"
"Omg, really?! I'm SO jealous!"
by Katie:) July 13, 2008
2052 1273
A smart guy who has the IQ above 130. He receives A's in school but is not a nerd. He is simply perfect and very endowed
Wow.. He's a Danny. I want to be like him.
by UltraGod July 10, 2008
1576 889
The act of being a jerk and messing with girls feelings. And also acting man-whore-ish.
Kirk: Woah dude your pulling a Danny!
Matt: Oh shoot. Now i gotta apologize to a lot of people!
by Jenny K. April 11, 2007
3046 2524
A smart, funny, cute guy who knows how to attract the ladies and usually has more than one girl liking him at a time. He is hardworking, and determained to reach goals. Very attractive and has a great sense of humor and an amazing personality to go with it.
Danny I like you.... :P
by Kara Polley February 06, 2009
1024 526