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some one who is the dankest kid in the town And/Or extremely dank.
Corey, Ryan, and Drew are orginal Dankstas.
by Ryan Peters June 24, 2005
A preferred hiding place used by a player within a first person shooter to camp, the player will stay there for days on end until discovered, and will then find a new Danksta.

Named after Dankstas Parady of F365 clan, Awooga!
Ha ha, they've found your Danksta
by Flibble007 August 30, 2008
tis a combination of the most dank word in the world...."dank" and the word which is overused, much the same way pam anderson's vagina is, known as "gangsta". the term is a noun which decribes a man or woman who has excessive dank-ness, generally used in describing action sports atheletes
dude1: "did you watch the X-games?"
dude2: "yes, it was handled by the sick steez of that danksta t-rice"
by dankrider May 07, 2007
one dank person (dank meaning cool right herre)
Matt Boisvert and A Bailey are the original DANKsta*s from ny
by matt boisvert June 09, 2006
an always high musician, a SMOKE DANKSTA, also known as Ropadodo a bay area rapper from mind over time muzic
"I'm a danksta bitch, you know i don't care"
by dododanksta, Bay area September 14, 2006
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