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Name meaning several possibilities. French -- Bois meaning wood, woods, or forest and vert meaning green. Most common translations are Greenwood but literal translation can vary to greenforest or greendrink. History: wine harvesters in France would pull grapes early in the spring for bottling. A practice still done today in many wine presses. AKA Early Release or ER on a bottle of wine. An ER bottle of wine does not contain a full body flavor common of mature grapes and has a woody and juvenile grape taste. This ER wine and the producers of this wine were called Boisvert, hence green drink or greenwood. Pronounced -- (Bwa Vair', Bois' Vert, or Bo' Vay)
This wine is very boisvert. Yes the Boisvert family often produces early release wines to capture the boisvert flavor of the vine.
#greenwood #greendrink #greenforest #french names #wine
by Photomill2010 February 02, 2010
in french it means green woods, often have sex in the woods while wearing green.
I Boisverted her last night
#boisver #boisvert #green woods #green #sex
by Jennyfer Smithson February 18, 2009
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