Top Definition
this bud is dankalicious
by Harry Pothead July 20, 2003
1. really good weed.
2. "the stickiest of the icky"
"you man this shits fuckin dankalicious!"
by JAYtodaBEE May 27, 2007
Describes a thick nugget that will get you very high
Yo dude this bud is dankalicious.
by Joenelson March 12, 2006
Something That is so good, it is niether the stoner definition of dank, nor is it delicious, its Dankalicious
man these brownies are dank, no delicious, no wait.....There dankalicious
by Gambol9377 February 11, 2010
A web community for potheads.
Whens the last time you've been to, billy?
by Matt November 22, 2003
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