fresh marijuana
damn cuz, i got some dank buds
by i p freely November 15, 2002
Top Definition
the prettiest pot ever seen
that shit is straight DANK
by digimipo March 20, 2003
1.) sweet sweaty Philippina nipples
2.) small wads of toilet paper stuck to one's ass
3.) badd azz dope
1.) "Ima want to suck those dank buds a yours again, Conchita."
2.) "Feh. Ima lost ma bone when I saw Sue's dank buds."
3.) "Homes, gimme summa dat dank buds a yours for I shit on your haid."
by fucwad March 27, 2004
High quality with red hairs and crystals
Yo dogg, is that some of that fire
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
very high quality buds. usually very appealing in color,and has a quite pungent scent. very high in THC content, and will get your ass baked.
damn dude we just smoked some hella dank buds.
by kush tush December 07, 2008
Good, Real Good
That is some dank bud if I ever saw it
by Smok March 20, 2003
dank- very good quality. bud- weed. dankbud- very good quality weed.
dude, that was some dankbud.
by Maria Stinger October 16, 2005
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