A ghurl dat has a nyce pussy.

by Eikhaila. December 12, 2010
ONLY TRUE DANI'S NOT DANIELLE OR DANIKA. Dani is a very caring loving girl that will do anything for anyone else she has a beautiful bright personality. she has the most bright beautiful eyes and smile. and once you really get to know her you wont be able to help but love her she is all round georgous. Dani's have very rare hair colors they dont really have the average hair color its always different. dani's are well known because of their unique name, the more popular girls dont really like dani even though dani is a great person. If you ever meet a dani dont let her slip away it will be the worst choice youve ever made Dani's are not average girls their VERY hard to find, they are iridescent they arent just one color they are many. All this and so much more.
oh Dani
by getreal.net April 18, 2011
This word means evrything! its a noun, adjective, and verb. It just matters how you use the word 'Danis' in a sentence to make it what ever you want it to mean.
I'm going out for a Danis at the gym.
by Kitty_Karnage January 16, 2011
Dani is someone who will never back down. Dani's come in all shapes and sizes but all ways have amazing eyes and a smile that lights up the room. All Dani's are confident in themselves and this is why everyone thinks they are so pretty. Dan's can be the most loyal, caring, most amazing friend you will ever know, or they can be the biggest bitch. Dani's always have tons of friends and seem really popular, but they don't feel close to many people. Dani is synonymous with spontaneity and are full of fun. You will never forget the Dani in your life.
I want to be jealous of her, but I just can't help loving Dani!!
by dinigirl May 24, 2011
The name of the girl that is the closest thing to perfect if not perfect. Shes smart beautiful, and everything you could ever want. Oftens calls people baaka and likes to cover her face when she blushing. Has beautiful brown eyes and short hair. Has a adorable accent. She has a adorable nose that you just want to kiss. when you see dani you just want to hug her and kiss her. Shes someone that will make your world and is not fake. when you have dani it takes a while to earn her trust when you do dont lose it. always be there for dani even when things get hard because she wortheverything more then anything.likes to be picked up wedding style and hugged.
Guy: I can excercise you, this can be your Phys. Ed

Dani: You can be the peanut butter to my jelly

Guy: -kisses dani nose-

Dani: -covers face from blush-

moo moo
by Calvinato October 26, 2011
A person that is a full-on brat. Always ruins everything for everyone and never thinks about anyone else. A Dani can often be quite annoying and never leave you or your own or let you concentrate. They usually have a Remi in their life that just clings on like a flee.
Dani's always in our way...
by CubeCubeCube March 28, 2015
A female person, who can be really nice friendly but can also go for the wrong crowds sometimes, Dani can also turn evil and people gay. Also dani can be a boys name spelt 'Danny'. Beautiful girl with a massive tits and a fat head!
by Stevie Henry July 28, 2011

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