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Fake ass ninja impostor. One who wants to be a ninja but after struggling through all the obstacles can't handle it and starts to degrade the ninja race and even go as far as to say that everyone is a ninja because of Adam and Eve even though that doesn't make sense at all. Then goes on believing he/she is one, but every real ninja laughs at him/her because they know you have to complete all the tasks required first and anybody who says they have and haven't are considered ninja posers. And technically are considered butt pirates or pirate pushers from now on because only pirates would go that low as to lie.
Matt: Jenna kept saying shes a ninja!
Paige: Really?
Paige: She hasn't even completed the obstacles yet!
Matt: I know!
Matt and Paige: What a what a Fani!!!
Bruce Lee: Nah... shes a pirate pusher!!!!
Matt, Paige and Bruce: lolz!!
by mateo crab-treoooo March 23, 2010
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