When you take a shit and one piece is still hanging from your ass and no matter how hard you shake, it won't fall break off.
Man i hate when i take a huge dump and those danglers hang from my cornhole!
by FedInTheA July 15, 2010
Top Definition
Usually used as a hockey term. A dangler noun refers to a player who can deke out or "undress" the opposing player.
Watch out, #2 is a dangler
by Jeff July 27, 2004
a hockey player who has very good hands and various skill moves to get around a defender, much of the time making the defender look stupid.
Alex Ovechkin is such a dangler! just dangled that defender by putting the puck through his legs! The defender didnt even move!
by Cajanek August 29, 2006
A penis on a nude beach that hangs at least 1/4" from the lowest point of the balls.
It's dangerous to ride a bike with that dangler.
by One Smart Kitty August 23, 2009
Testicles, balls, scrotum, scrot
Got kicked in the danglers! Look at the size of those danglers
by lowrydin187 October 19, 2009
A Dangler, dangles everbody and snipes goalies all day long.
Buffalo Bison Girls, Coatsworth the Dangler
by bisons1114 August 25, 2010
DANGLERS - The pieces of toilet paper used to line a public bathroom before dropping dumpage that "dangle" from your ass and under-thighs while standing back up.
DANGLERS - While returning to his cubicle, Kelso was extremely embarassed when told he had a "dangler" streaming from the back of his pants.
by M. Rinaldi May 29, 2008
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