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a hot irish man with a hot irish voice
Damine Rice is super HOT!!!!!
by vishti January 31, 2004
135 52
a beautiful musician who creates beautiful music.
"i like to listen to damien rice while laying in the dark with my special someone"
by mike April 24, 2005
102 30
amazingly talented man!
i love him.
buy his stuff ppl!
omg, damien rice, wow i heard dat stuff tis gud
by philly July 29, 2004
103 44
A man who can make you laugh, cry, and view everything in the world differently with his music.
"The best time I've ever had was listening to damien rice while laying on my bed with her."
by michael chaulk May 10, 2005
69 13
Brilliant singer/songwriter from Cellbridge County Killdare.
Absolutely unreal live!!!
"I was at that Damien Rice gig last night, it was amazing!"
by j April 09, 2005
71 21
An Irish musician whose soul you can feel through his music. His music makes you feel the joy and pain of living.
Damien Rice's "Cheers Darlin'" is the perfect angsty love song
by holly golightly721 August 08, 2005
51 12
A musician from County Kildare, Ireland, whose style is similar to John Mayer(except better), but with an Irish twist. Possibly the best music to ever come out of Ireland.
Songs include: The Blowers Daughter, Cannonball, Delicate.

Me: "Listen to Damien Rice"
You: "Okay."
by Orange Dingo June 01, 2005
51 20