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a daler is a person from the town of farmingdale. the mascot for a daler is a lion but thats not what a daler actually is a daler is a beastly creautre hense why it was farmingdale home of the dalers because farmiingdale is beast
omg the dalers rule!
by yerrrrrrr April 04, 2009
84 40
1. One who kicks the shit out of anyone from Massapequa.
2. One who owns Massapequa.
3. One who gets drunk in the woods because their town is ghetto and they love every second of it.
Oh shit look at that daler take a shit on the kid from Massapequa's face.
by vivi February 01, 2005
272 94
a daler is a person from the down of Farmingdale, hence the name dalers
The Dalers are better then the Chiefs
by aLL BetTeR February 01, 2005
171 77
One who continuously drinks beer, fucks girls, does cocaine and smokes an amazing amount of weed.
Yo lets cop a 40, hit the slopes, burn a marley and fuck that bitch
by Sean February 02, 2005
87 64