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1. One who kicks the shit out of anyone from Massapequa.
2. One who owns Massapequa.
3. One who gets drunk in the woods because their town is ghetto and they love every second of it.
Oh shit look at that daler take a shit on the kid from Massapequa's face.
by vivi February 01, 2005
word made up to take the place of bitch ass nigga
jose was being such a fucking biachasnaka
by vivi January 13, 2005
its just a fucking word y do i have to defini it
jojo is a fuhfreefrom ass
by vivi January 13, 2005
Foxy lady mostly in process of giving sexual favours to pivo
i'm just vivi from tha block
by vivi August 21, 2003
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