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one of the best fast-food restaurants in the world.
Let's go to Dairy Queen and get us a Hungr Buster, Oreo Blizzard, fries, and a Dilly Bar!
by Chris November 09, 2004
230 68
In gay slang--A gay man who only dates white guys.
John is a rice queen--his last four boyfriends have been Asian. Jack, however, only dates blonds. He is a real dairy queen.
by Sebastian des Cambres January 12, 2006
137 63
A take-out food chain that has awesome frozen treats and desserts but stay away from the brazier unless you want non-stop diarrhea
Mark: Hey man wanna go to Dairy Queen for a burger or something?

Bob: Ughh not after what happened last time, that was tramatizing...*twitch*
by betting--on--alice April 23, 2009
72 24
Despite the good food, is the absolutely worst fucking place to work, in which the day you get canned (like I did) or quit, you'll be celebrating with tears of JOY.

WORD TO THE WISE, after making a blizzard, the collars get thrown in a dirty ass sink full of water that has nasty ass soggy candy pieces and melted ice-cream from previous collars. The very same collars that are used again a second later and contaminate the ice cream with shitty disgusting water.
Friend 1: "Yo, Jake! You know Bob got canned from Dairy Queen the other day?"

Friend 2: "No shizzle? Why?"

Friend 1: "Well, he told me his boss is a fat douche who didn't even like him from the start, so he found some lame excuse saying he doesn't feel Bob is committed to his job, just to give him the boot. Never seen Bob so happy in my life though."

Friend 2: "Daaaayaaamnnn that shit's nuts man."

Friend 1: "Word. I guess he was tired of cleaning shit off the toilet seats."
by IsraelHands09 November 30, 2010
72 29
an annoying new mother that makes major production when she has to go pump her boobs.
May I have your attention? I'm on my way to the ladies room to pump, said the Dairy Queen.
by dairyking March 04, 2008
31 26
(noun) - A homosexual male who has received a facial (the 'milk' has been painted on his face).

- A gay guy with bukkake all over his face.
"Don't mess around with boqueefa, out of drag he's a total dairy queen. The damned slampig even has a gloryhole in his bedroom."
by ShadowKunai September 05, 2011
10 6
(1) code for drama queen in order to confuse an already emotional and agitated being
(2) a wonderous food stand chock full o' dairy products from the magical land of "Cow Udder".
(Eugene is crying because he just broke a nail....)
Preston: Eugene, you know what's a wonderous, cool, dandy, exciting place to grab a hot dog ANNND an ice cream, DAIRY QUEEN!
Eugene: ok thanks bub
Preston: sorry if i confused you so get some medication *walks away*
by bonnet August 23, 2006
40 38