When a guy ejaculates in a cup, freezes it, and someone eats it.
Dude my I gave my girlfriend a tasty dairy queen
by l333tsp33k February 12, 2010
Dairy Queen ~ A usually hang for Triathletes after hard rides and races. Not to be confused with the act "2 Triathletes 1 cup." If you are Dairy Queened a compensatory prostate massage is usual expected or one can choose to provide a "Snow Ball" (protein replacement) in the bath room. Before or after said triathlete has enjoyed a frosty blizzard.
" can't believe I got Dairy Queened..... I hate giving prostate massages." ... "crap maybe i'll just opt to give a snow ball."
by FSchris June 07, 2009
The girls love this one!

Take your girl and stand her upside down on her head. Then pour ice cream down her pussy and 69 her.
I give my bitch a Dairy Queen and it makes her orgasm every time.
by anonymous0274 April 04, 2008
1)a milk maid

2)a hamburger chain

3)a lactating porn star
I went to the Dairy Queen for two cones and a Beltbuster.
by aereilly July 31, 2003
An ice cream that also sells hamburgers, fries, and other crap. They seriously miss-named this place. I mean, I don't really see any milk or cheese there.
Dairy Queen should be called Ice Cream Queen, since it suits it better. Plus, they could have the stupid semi-rhyming crap.
by Oivey August 28, 2008
sexy girl with a big boob, seems like storing huge amount of milk
i would like to drink milk from shelly's(Dairy queen) godown!
by Viral p December 21, 2006
Origins in gay community---somebody who loves cum---swallows too but not necessarily!
Lenny came in copious amounts, he was a dairy queen's delight.
by anonny nonny February 16, 2005

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