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(1)acronym for a woman who is acting very emotional or angry as a reslut of extremely bad PMS
(2)excusing yourself for interupting a male or malish female
shaniqua, pardon me, sir, but DARN TOOTIN YOU NEED MEDICATION!
by bonnet August 23, 2006
a very sexual person
so extremely sexual that you have to add an "h" in because of it for kicks and giggles... =P
Percy ur so dayyyymmmmmnnn shexual you hav a soul patch.
by bonnet August 23, 2006
(1) tasty treat made for sophisticated fatties
(2) also found in human form, code name for annoying people who irk you
signs of a human truffle:
(1) annoying at the pool
(2) desires to wear spiderman shoes with velcro in the pool
(3) should be a wedding planner since always concerned with location, location, location
(4) owns a Persian cat who is a member of the terrorist group known as the Taliban
Cristophe: Where are my velcro shoes? Location, location, location! That's what I always say to my Persian cat.
Martin: Truffles, you have a cameltoe.
Cristophe: But, I'm a MAN!
by bonnet August 23, 2006
(1) code for drama queen in order to confuse an already emotional and agitated being
(2) a wonderous food stand chock full o' dairy products from the magical land of "Cow Udder".
(Eugene is crying because he just broke a nail....)
Preston: Eugene, you know what's a wonderous, cool, dandy, exciting place to grab a hot dog ANNND an ice cream, DAIRY QUEEN!
Eugene: ok thanks bub
Preston: sorry if i confused you so get some medication *walks away*
by bonnet August 23, 2006
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