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someone who has enjoys having something to bitch about, especially if it is of the insulting nature.
John really enjoys playing the role of the disgruntle priest. The priest is a such a dagget; he enjoys having a reason to bitch at the nuns for gossipping.
by Musicman March 21, 2004
another word for a hot dog
We grilled some daggets to add to the baked beans.
by GMTBecky November 03, 2009
A mild cursing word, but not a swear word. Generally used when adults are around to prevent being told off for using a swear word.
"Oh daggets!!! I forgot to do my English homework!"
by Modified Punk May 30, 2006
A word that can be used to describe anything, any time, any where.
Used to ask for something: "Hey can I have one of them Daggets?"

Used in anger: "Those fucking Dagget's!"

Used in joy: "I love you Daggets"

Used to describe someone: "Your such a Dagget..."
by Dagget-Taylor June 29, 2006
The act of jabbing ones fingers into someone elses eyeballs.
Also the name of a street.
Also can be used in replacment of Dang it!
Why don't you just Dag yourself in the face!

I live on Dagget Street.

Dag you Meyer!
by Marsha/Betty October 13, 2006