We on dis beach
Finna get crunk
Eyebrows on fleek

~~~poem of the year

Me: Yo! I just shaved my ass
Joe: Dafuq?!?!?!??!?!?
by mankanshoku_child April 14, 2015
It's like saying WTF but in a much awesomer way, you say it when you are completly confused to what a specific person or object is doing.
Guy1: *sees a cat doing a handstand
by Randomguy78 March 28, 2013
1. Short for "What the fuck", but in a more confused manner. Popularized by a caption of a screenshot from Harry Potter, featuring Severus Snape recoiling in sheer horror.
2. A backronym for "Don't Ask; Fucked Up Quickly".
Guy 1: "I was watching Glee, and I saw a kissing scene gone very wrong..."
Guy 2: "SRSLY?!"
Guy 1: "Yeah, I was like dafuq?"

Girl 1: (Facebook status) "How did (Girl 2) mess up that test???"
Girl 2: (reply) "D.A.F.U.Q."
by otaku sempai kun December 27, 2012
"The fuck" or "da fuck"
gurl: HEY BITCH!!.. DAFUQ!!!
by lil nene December 08, 2015
Usually used in questioned form like "The fuck?" but "Dafuq?"
"Dafuq did she just say? Bitch ima throw down!"
by Frigiraffe April 10, 2015
"The fuck??" An expression of surprised, confused, anger.
Dafuq you mean she's pregnant???
by bigbaydwolf April 05, 2015
Dafuq is a derogatory term and internet slang that originated from Confused Black Girl, expressing that something is stupid, in real words, the fuck?
Person 1: You can't go to that party!
Person 2: Seriously, Dafuq?
by Chinese Chicken Wing August 20, 2014
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