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Anti-art, yet art. Something that is purpously the opposite of all typical artistic standards as an artistic statement
That's so dada, it breaks all the rules yet has meaning to it
by Leo19 September 05, 2006
Clothing made of sheet plastic. Worn by scores of angry fourteen year olds.
"See that kid in the DADA jacket? That's the kind of lining I want for our pool."
by tea chest February 26, 2006
the boss, the hnic, the man running things without question. of subcontinental origin. literally means 'paternal grandfather.' can also be used sarcastically/derogatorily depending on context.
when you gonna realize who the dada is around here?

get out of my business, quit being a dada
by illustrious degenerate April 16, 2007
In Nepali, "dada" is a sweet addressing term for a older male than yourself. It shows respect, love and sounds better than the normal term "dai" for a older male. You would not call all the older guys you know "dada"; it is reserved for those more closer, attached people in your life, like family and dear friends.
What's wrong, Dada?
by Overboard February 20, 2015
The band that defined Alternative Rock as we know it. Hit song "Dizz-Knee-Land" kicked off the alternative rock radio movement.

Unfortunately few other bands with an independent spirit have had nearly the same production values, so this breed of alternative rock fizzled with the band.
Spin "Puzzle" by Dada if you want to know what alternative rock is/was. These current indy guys don't know their way around a guitar, or how to develop a lick, or even how to play at more than a single dynamic level.
by TreeWeezel June 14, 2011
Woman that looks like a duck. Typically small in stature. Always having trouble walking properly
She is a Dada
by BALDMEO May 13, 2016
Of Turkish-Italian origin. Exists exclusively and synchronistically with Ta-Da.
Da-Da is not blind - It sees more and not less,
but because it sees more it is willing to see less.
by Da-Da May 03, 2005
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