Stands for the 'Defense Against the Dark Arts' class at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter book series. It is an acronym usually used by lazy fanfiction writers.
I hate that fic, the author always uses 'DADA' and always think 'Wtf? They're going to dada?'
by Hardcore HP Fan March 05, 2006
A middle child who acquired a nickname with an unknown origin. This is a nickname usually called by the younger sibling.
"Have you seen dada today?" said the younger sister.
"No, she's working today." said the older sister.
by mynameisdada December 04, 2005
Boss - Cheif - "Pimp"
She a call me di dada afta mi bun er out
by Rexall September 15, 2003
A very attractive female
Look at that Dada! What an attractive female!
Early XX century artistic vanguard. Supposedly to be funny, nihilistic, and sarcastic yet every people who likes dada will mostly be boring as hell and probably be an art fag.
Crazy art student Tommy decorated his face with shit because it was cool and dada.
by virginmary July 13, 2005

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