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The portion of skin where a males penis (dick) meets his scrotum (sack). Dick + Sack = Dack
I spilled mustard on my dack!
by mattnarc June 23, 2011
Dack is the word Dick with an A. It is used in Schools as a replacement for Dick but has became it's own word. It comes from Britain originally. It is used to describe a stupid person or when someone does something stupid.
"Oh my god, you spilt the paint. You dack!"
"You stupid dack"
by ElmoBrackin November 17, 2009
from the word foedack; an annoying freshman; an annoying/lame person in general
matt fleischman is the ultimate dack
by JDubs47 November 08, 2009
The word u say or can b used as a sound after you successfully work someone; or getting someone to say what,huh or if they look confused
Man 1: Hey have you ever seen those new flicksnacks?

Man 2: What did you say!

Man 1: Dack Daccccckkkkkk!!!
by MAstEer FliCkEr February 22, 2010
Aussie slang for “underwear.”
Drop your dacks.
by bread infection December 07, 2009
to pull someone’s pants down.
My mates dacked me at work in front of the boss.
by bread infection December 07, 2009
Short for 'Dakka', meaning Marijuna, Chronic.
Did you bring any dack over with you?
by Diego September 29, 2003