To remove another's Dacks by force and without their expressed permission, usually bringing about shame, social awkwardness, and a sudden coldness in the underpants department.

(Aussie Slang)
Barry had to live the next three years of his school life with the memory of having been dacked on the one day that he decided to come to school without any underpants on.
by Flavouful Syntax November 11, 2004
Top Definition

See also Dack and Tracky Dacks

Aussie Slang
My, those sure are some nice dacks you have on there Mrs Johnson
by Flavourful Syntax November 11, 2004
To pull someones pants down.
Intention is to embarress them by exposing their tighy whities or a bare ass. Make's other people laugh.
"John is being the biggest dickhead."
"Yeah, let's dack him."
by Diego September 05, 2003
a gangsta-ass slang name for a dick, usually used by real straight up nigs.
This term was originally coined by a couple of dumbass university kids from Victoria in 2010
stu: yo I heard alex sucked a couple black dacks last night bra
tim: Ya, it's a way of life
by thetraut December 03, 2010
To "depants" or suddenly pull someones pants down before they have the chance to react. Usually done in public or in front of a large group of people. Soccer/footy players are notorious "dackers".
"Dude, Paul was talking to a group of girls and Steven TOTALLY dacked him!"
by JeramyP February 10, 2006
Dack is the word Dick with an A. It is used in Schools as a replacement for Dick but has became it's own word. It comes from Britain originally. It is used to describe a stupid person or when someone does something stupid.
"Oh my god, you spilt the paint. You dack!"
"You stupid dack"
by ElmoBrackin November 17, 2009
from the word foedack; an annoying freshman; an annoying/lame person in general
matt fleischman is the ultimate dack
by JDubs47 November 08, 2009
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