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To forcibly remove another's trousers.
After depantsing Amanda, I had my way with her.
by rowdy roddy January 27, 2003
the hasty removal of underwear prior to a naked run
I expect Russ will be the first to de-pant, he's usually not too shy
by Trevor Morris Daniels September 24, 2010
process of removing panties prior to sex
when my lust could take no more i de-panted her slowly as she raised her buttocks in the direction of my cock
by Chuckles83 April 21, 2006
The opposite of pantsing someone. To pants is to pull one's pants down, and to depants is to pull the pants back up. Common knowledge..
Liz: Let's go pants him!
Lily: Ok, then after, I will go depants him!
Liz: Sounds like a plan, Stan!
by Lizgiiahsehlkasjd April 23, 2013
the stupid idiotic mountain folk versoin of pantsing.
I got sent to the principle's office for trying to pants someone. he told me depantsing hurts people's self-esteem
by Sprokett May 09, 2006
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