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An excellent digital 'linear' synthesizer from the late eighties, made by Roland. Less expensive than the D10 and D15 because it has less memory and no sequencer built in. Produces very nice phat bass and leads, although the piano and guitar patches suck.
Value of a used D5 is about a hundred dollars.
by Shalroth May 18, 2005
A D5 means dumbshit. So if someone is acting like a dumb shit you call them a D5.
Dude you're a D5.
by Sabotage=] May 24, 2009
Someone who cums in their own face and swallows, sticks cumcumbers/egg plants up their arse, uses electric toothbrushes on their nob and is a generally disgusting person :)
OMG did you hear what that D5 done
by LaLaLa (8) May 12, 2009
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