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a crazed New York city street gang of outlaw greasers, and mad maxers.
their all over everyware
by Craig McGee of the D September 28, 2003
Group of intellectuals with names beginning with 'D,' famous in a handful of college towns. Signature slang: "schola pleez!"
"You with the d-unit at this coffeeshop?"

"Schola pleez!"

understood that each knows about the scholarly group
by j-drab August 22, 2006
Done it, it can also be dunnit or donit, donnit
Dude 1: This is my first time I smoke weed!
Dude 2: I've dunit already
by Tommyfirewire October 05, 2005
If you have the bra size D,you can say it when u are refering to ur chest or like a group of girls that have D's.
Me and my girls with D cups gotta little group we call the D-unit.
by Sydney D. February 03, 2004
Diesel unit. A particularly masculine lesbian or butch dyke. The D-Unit is easy to spot with her fearsome concatenation of facial and/or body hair, and rough hewn wifebeater heavily stained with hydraulic fluid or other petroleum product.
Yo D-Unit, you is looking like one butch, motherfucking rugmuncher today.
by prophet101 September 19, 2009
dominican gang in new york city
d(ominican)-unit can u see now
by the kidd December 10, 2003
Person who rolls in bushes
wow... did you see that D-Unit? He can really rock and roll my bushes!
by DAMIAN August 04, 2004