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Stands for PlayStation Portable, Sony's handheld video-game device. Released in Japan in December 2004 and March 2005 in the USA.
That kid is playing his PSP
by Damian March 27, 2005
A tool used to (illegaly or not) open doors on cars, by 'pulling up' the lock within the door.
I boosted that car with a slim jim
by Damian March 26, 2003
Northern Ireland as said in Belfast
What part of Ireland do you come from?
Norn Iron!
I'm going home to see my ma and da in Norn Iron

by Damian October 01, 2003
when (usually curly) hair needs a cut
jesus, my hair is jongly
by damian January 27, 2004
A wonderful haven of sensible online car chat. Similar websites exist, but IMO, this is the daddy!
Oh, you've got a scoob? You on scoobynet?
by Damian February 27, 2004
Ganstanger is a gangster who drives a Mustang.
Damian is a ganstanger because he drives a mustang.
by Damian January 24, 2005
County Down makes up part of Belfast Northern Ireland and is the richest county in N.I.
I is just to the south of County UP
Are you going down to Down this weekend?
by Damian October 01, 2003

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