1. To be on D means to be on deck with something, like some bud or bars or any other drug
2. Here in my part of L.A., D can also stand for dope, which either means heroin or crystal meth...but here in meth capital of the county, Glendora, it usually is associated with ice.
1.Yo man, you on D with some B's (bars)?
2.Yo man, you on D with some D? (here meaning tweak)

P.S. Anyone who refers to marijuana as dope is either a complete moron, or grew up in the 50's and 60's.
by B-Loc October 09, 2010
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"a way of referring to your dick without the extra letters"
yo, that asian bitch was grinding my d hardcore last night and i had a huge boner.

S my D you faggot
by herby May 03, 2006
The fourth letter in the alphabet.
A B C D hey I just reached D.
by xcvsfdf April 30, 2006
a slightly more subtle way of saying "dick"
yo man this girl totally wants my d

just lookin for a place to get my d wet bro
by b__ August 10, 2009
A letter of the alphabet commonly found before E and after C.
The letter of the day is D.
by wolfmother1995 March 18, 2008
1.The fourth letter in the alphabet located between c and e.
2. Another way to say dick
1. A B C D E
2. She wants the D!
by Definition_person April 08, 2014
A letter.
by Daturbandictionaryguy May 06, 2014
dubs: 20 inch rims

see "dubs" for more info
just bought a cadillac
throw some d's on that bitch
by billy bob motown May 14, 2007

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