dubs: 20 inch rims

see "dubs" for more info
just bought a cadillac
throw some d's on that bitch
by billy bob motown May 14, 2007
D means dick as In penis, cock, richard, rod, prick, or hot dog.
Person 1: "last night my girlfriend was sucking the D"
Person 2: "dude that's sick! Last night I was sucking on the D."
Person 1: "YOUR GAY???"
by Skiaddi February 16, 2015
D (ˈdiː/; named dee)1 is the fourth letter in the basic modern Latin alphabet also used to refer to names of people in which begin with the letter "D"
Yo, me and D were totally schezbeckeled last night.
by M05H3 January 05, 2011
Nickname or slang for "Dick". Often used in place of the word " Dick". Commonly used to refer to someone who wants the D, craves the D, or takes ALOT of D.

Other acronyms/nicknames: Dizzle, Dizz
We nickname the bitch Dizzle, cause that ass has been plowed more than a prison glory hole and craves the D or anything resembling the D.
by Fuggett June 12, 2016
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