D is the altamate slang term of "dope". Not heroin dope, but "meth dope". Not to be confused, which is why we call it "D". Most people who do "D" have never,or only a ccouple times, used heroin, which is why it's okay to call our drug of choice "d" for "dope".
ArmyofOne fool: "hey, girl, you need some d?
Once interested but not be more druggy girl: "hook it up! I'll pay double for glass!"
by truemuch4u March 08, 2015
Slang for an Undercover Detective.

Used at raves or in clubs referring to poorly disguised cops (usually narcs) ineptly trying to blend in.

Possibly exclusive to The UK & Australia
"How was enchanted last weekend?"
"It sucked, there were Ds everywhere"
by dtrax May 21, 2005
D is another way to pronounce or write 'the'.
Spoken mainly

"Let us go to 'd' other side"
"'D' whole idea is stupid"
by JulizzaLexia March 23, 2009
Another term for Cannibis originating from the borough Barnet, North London. A shorter term for the term 'draw', another word popular amongst drug users of the area.
You got the D?
by Daz187 August 11, 2008
Slang for 'down', which is slang for wanting to do something such as go to a party, smoke some weed, or any particular activity.
Sooooo d.
by thisisnotmyrealnamekthnx July 25, 2010
(N) The abbreviation, D, is a short-hand word used to abbreviate the word "Douche" or "Douchebag".

It was invented so people off all ages could say the word, Douche, without the consequences of getting in trouble by saying the formally socially-unacceptable word.

"D of the Day" is a common phrase associated with this word to describe someone who has said a phrase that wins the "Douchebag of the Day" award
"God, that guy is such a D!"
by Iggy77 October 23, 2009
1. To be on D means to be on deck with something, like some bud or bars or any other drug
2. Here in my part of L.A., D can also stand for dope, which either means heroin or crystal meth...but here in meth capital of the county, Glendora, it usually is associated with ice.
1.Yo man, you on D with some B's (bars)?
2.Yo man, you on D with some D? (here meaning tweak)

P.S. Anyone who refers to marijuana as dope is either a complete moron, or grew up in the 50's and 60's.
by B-Loc October 09, 2010
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