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Another term for Cannibis originating from the borough Barnet, North London. A shorter term for the term 'draw', another word popular amongst drug users of the area.
You got the D?
by Daz187 August 11, 2008
31 38
Slang for an Undercover Detective.

Used at raves or in clubs referring to poorly disguised cops (usually narcs) ineptly trying to blend in.

Possibly exclusive to The UK & Australia
"How was enchanted last weekend?"
"It sucked, there were Ds everywhere"
by dtrax May 21, 2005
48 56
D is another way to pronounce or write 'the'.
Spoken mainly

"Let us go to 'd' other side"
"'D' whole idea is stupid"
by JulizzaLexia March 23, 2009
14 23
Short for Divorce. Can be used in many forms. Usually used to pervent the other party from knowing.
Im going to D her up.

Shes such so bad, i think im bout to get that D.

Did you just D up your wife on facebook?
by Big D poppa D good D March 04, 2010
0 15
noun. African-American word for Detroit. Here in michigan we say "Im from the D" because it sounds cooler. black people think its sweeter and i agree.

Wut up lets go hit up the "D" tonight!!
by BrandynMcCartney January 23, 2008
19 35
a spin off to the word 'Dirty' to describe a moment in which something bad happens. for example if someone asked you if you had a good day, and you had a bad one, you can say, dirty. well now you can save a whole bunch of time by just replying D. See examples to learn more about d.
you can say D or stick a word infront :

epic D
Gargantuan D
Riddled with D
Profound D
Woeful D
Well Mannered D
Death defying D
by Jack Walker March 05, 2008
2 28
abbreviation for Diploma
A: What'd you make in that class?

B(embarrassed): Barely got a D.

A: Remember, D stands fo Diploma.
by Kyle Y June 14, 2005
5 31