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4 definitions by herby

"a way of referring to your dick without the extra letters"
yo, that asian bitch was grinding my d hardcore last night and i had a huge boner.

S my D you faggot
by herby May 03, 2006
a person who qualifies for not only scum, but the scum that can be found on the inside of pots after being used. this is the lowest form of scum.
Your best friend fucked your girl? And killed your dog? And then stole your drugs and money? What potscum!
by herby July 24, 2006
another word for a woman's face after a man "skeets" on it
Hey! Look at the semen on that bitch's skeet plate
by Herby April 27, 2006
to sya instead of the word f*ck
john just got screwed becouse he lost a check for 50 dollars.
john: "m'kay"
by herby December 01, 2003