a short way of referring to drugs usually used to describe methamphetamine. D is short for dope
Man can you hook me up with some D
by Geoffry Beans December 29, 2006
The term used for a stupid nigger or a Jungle Bunny who constantly makes inferior and stupid comments. D's normally take part in a class about technology or mechanics
That stupid D stole my hammer from the class closet.
by dammmmn sam April 29, 2008
D means down..like are you down..usually it means ready to fuck
Hey girl are you 'D'?
by clicky September 18, 2007
short for douche bag
"That guy looks like a D"
by zach flynn May 15, 2007
Another word drunk.
Man I'm gonna get so D this weekend.
by 3214321 April 19, 2007
D means dick as In penis, cock, richard, rod, prick, or hot dog.
Person 1: "last night my girlfriend was sucking the D"
Person 2: "dude that's sick! Last night I was sucking on the D."
Person 1: "YOUR GAY???"
by Skiaddi February 16, 2015

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